VIDEO: Olemalla läsnä elämäsi risteyskohdassa valitset oikean tien!

We Finns might are a little bit weird, but we get things done! First of all, because we have this thing called Sisu. We just don’t give up and I reveal our secrets to you, so you get more Sisu! Second, crazy but true, we can fly! So I teach you how to spread your wings! Polar bears actually don’t chase us, but here is cold winters. So we don’t talk a lot, we just walk and play hard. Sometimes we warm up in sauna or in Startup Sauna. But most of all, we know what we are doing! Follow me and soon you know how to reach your potential!

“Andy can deliver unbelievable projects in just a couple of months. He has built a sport club and two Finnish Championship tournaments in applied sports. All of which were profitable business. He’s a wizard in organizing big events like sports tournaments and seminars. Andy’s attitude of getting things done is amazing and he spreads it to his partners!” Lauri Kutinlahti, Innovation Activist and Research Assistant