Chuck Norris Seminar 10.3.2013

PLEASE NOTE! This seminar is only for the hardcore self developers! So, if you are that kind of person, we really should meet at the seminar. If you aren’t, don’t waste your time, go away from this page!

First things first. Here are some facts about Mr. Norris.

  • Alexander Bell invented the telephone because he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t wear a watch. He decides what time it is.
  • Shooting stars make a wish when they see Chuck Norris.
  • Chuck Norris can squeeze orange juice from a banana.
  • Chuck Norris can count backwards from infinity.
  • Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.
  • Chuck Norris has inside jokes with strangers.
  • When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.
  • Somebody saw Chuck Norris’ diary. That book is now known as the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Only Chuck Norris knows that Chuck Norris jokes aren’t jokes.

Do you want to be as tough as Chuck Norris? – We tell you how!



“Andy can deliver unbelievable projects in just a couple of months. He has built a sport club and two Finnish Championship tournaments in applied sports. All of which were profitable business. He’s a wizard in organizing big events like sports tournaments and seminars. Andy’s attitude of getting things done is amazing and he spreads it to his partners!” Lauri Kutinlahti, Innovation Activist and Research Assistant


Andy Hopi | How to get things done?

Andy Hopi

Doer Andy Hopi is almost obsessed about doing and learning. As a matter of fact, those words have almost the same meaning for him. Andy asks from himself over and over again why do I what I do.

Do you know the feeling when you just can’t get things done? Don’t you have time enough? Are you trying to handle too many projects at once? Been there, done that. Now I know better, and I will give you the key.

Joonas Tähtinen | Willpower

Joonas Tähtinen

Entrepreneur Joonas Tähtinen has acquired mixed set of skills by testing, developing and analysing. This creates opportunities and unique kinds of learning that you can’t get from anywhere else.

Willpower is a missing block that explains why your life sucks. Willpower is simply your ability to keep your focus of brain activity in the higher regions of your psyche. This gives you a power to take responsibility and become responsible in you life, instead of just being pushed around by outer stimuli.

Jukka Harju | Release yourself to be more

Jukka Harju

Holistic wellbeing Coach Jukka Harju started his studies of theology in Helsinki university, and on his own time he studied psychology. He also continued his interest in nutrition and physiology. “From being an entrepreneur, I have learned to take full responsibility of my actions only by using tools that work in real life and not just in theory.”

It is time to see, that people are not machines; we are not just our bodies, nor our minds. We are all that and more. It’s time to discover, what we can be. I strive to be a catalyst for growth and evolution, challenging the old patterns and helping to create new ones.

Mikko Vapa | You will get what you need

 Mikko Vapa

Mikko Vapa is a blood scanner and works as an entrepreneur in his Mikkoskopia company as well as a shareholder in Droppi Veripalvelu Oy and Mikko is also an ultra-runner and competes in orienteering. Mikko comes from Lapland Keminmaa and travels around Finland mostly for training and developing blood imaging further.

Mikko’s topics are the laws of universum like holy order, hanging up with things and minimum energy principle, which change “you will get what you want” argument to “you will get what you need” statement.

Pekka Mattila | Improve your memory

Pekka Mattila

Pekka Mattila is an entrepreneur co-founder of Intoloop and Home Workout Challenge. Pekka is an online marketer whose definitive goal is to help people to grow and succeed in life. He believes in constant and never-ending improvement in everything, loves learning new things and continuously improving old ones. In other words, you cannot find Pekka watching television but studying every single day and transforming his knowledge into action. He also believes in creativity and thinking differently.

Have you had problems recalling things you have heard earlier? Perhaps you can remember some things easier than others but don’t know how to systematically remember everything you’ve heard.  Imagine what would happen to your life if you could remember more easily what you’ve read or heard. Perhaps it would mean an advantage in life and increase both personal and business success. I have good news for you. We all have a super computer, our brain, that can be trained to remember things efficiently by simply following better memory strategies. This presentation will teach you three world class strategies that will help you to remember things more easily. You can use these immediately and benefit for the rest of your life.

Petri Hiissa | Upshifting

Petri Hiissa

Startup entrepreneur Petri Hiissa used to be an overachiever. “The problem back then was that I was obsessing with some of these outcomes so much that I overachieved and was often quite stressed. The problem with overachieving is that I was probably wasting my precious resources when I could have been doing something more important and enjoying more of my journey.”

Upshifting challenges you to shift your life into a bigger gear by learning and growing. I write about lessons learned and about things that have had an upshifting effect on my life. You can take whatever works for you and use it to make your life better.

Timo Utterström | Dead Weight

Timo Utterstörm

Timo Utterström the author of Nyt, believes that the true self is found through letting go. After a master’s degree, a church wedding, and a career in advertising, he was becoming the Hollywood ideal of a family man. A sudden threat of divorce and it’s long course opened his eyes to see that he was living the life of someone else entirely. To start from an empty slate, he gave away all his possessions, his career and his home. He gave into a new kind of emptiness in which he could redefine his entire life. With his bold move, he became an example to all of us, that it is never too early or too late to start living your own life.

Dead Weight is something we carry with us for identification. We define ourselves with products, with everything we own. But more importantly, we carry with us a vast path that is supposed to make us what we are. To break our back completely, we pile on a heap of dreams and fears to see where we are going and what we are becoming. We encumber ourselves with memories, expectations and desires to have an identity, but it is only our ego that gets defined. It is no wonder that life is so hard when we have to live up to other people’s ridiculous expectations while carrying our hard past with us. But it’s all Dead Weight. Why not lighten the load? Why not drop off the Dead Weight completely? Why not let go of your limitations? They are all in your mind anyway.


  • Country | Finland
  • Town | Tampere
  • Day | 10.3.2013
  • Time | 12:00
  • Price | 90 EUR (including VAT)
  • Place | CENTRE Tampere, Rautatienkatu 14 A



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